3rd Grade Supplies

School Supply List for Third Grade 2017-2018

1 ½ inch binder

2- box of Kleenex

3-Composition notebook (Reading/Math/Science)

6-Folders (two pocket/ no prong)

1- pack of lined paper

2- packs of copy paper

2- packs of Pencils

2- pack of cap erasers

Clorox wipes

Headphones (required)

Dry erase markers


Glue sticks

School Fees

Ziploc bags- (girls-sandwich; boys-gallon)

(Please see teacher for exact supply list at open house)

Important: Supplies begin to show their wear or may become lost throughout the year. Pencils will be one important tool in the classroom that will need to be restocked throughout the year. Please be aware that supplies need to be accessible throughout the entire school year. Any additional donations of the above materials will be greatly appreciated.J