Mission and Vision Statements

Hoke County Schools’ Mission Statement

Hoke County Schools creates a student focused learning community that fosters high expectations for all stakeholders, promotes lifelong learning, provides individualized support, and prepares students for success.

Upchurch’s Mission Statement

Everyone soars with high expectations

Accountable for success

Growing critical thinkers

Lifelong learners

Encourages others in a safe, supportive, and orderly environment.

Hoke County Schools’ Vision Statement

The Hoke County School System, as a trusted community partner, will ensure an inclusive and supportive environment that cultivates positive relationships and authentic learning opportunities which inspire and empower future ready students.

Upchurch’s Vision Statement

Upchurch Elementary School is a trusted community partner providing an inclusive and supportive environment that cultivates positive relationships where future ready students can thrive while becoming successful dreamers, thinkers, and achievers prepared for a globally competitive society as teachers engage them in authentic learning opportunities.


  • Learning is a lifelong pursuit.

  • Students learn in diverse ways.

  • A caring environment promotes academic growth.

  • Acknowledgement of accomplishments increases student performance.

  • The education of our students is the responsibility of the TOTAL school community.

  • The ability to make good decisions increases positive self concept, promotes learning and increases appropriate behavior